Advanced Exploration Projects in Colombia with Social & Environmental Commitments

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Antioquia Gold Inc. focuses on the preservation of the natural flora and fauna, ongoing soil reclamation, reforestation of affected areas, water protection and proper handling of solid and hazardous waste.

Antioquia Gold Inc. has always made practicing responsible environmental stewardship a priority. The Company has been collecting baseline environmental data on the project since its first exploration activities in late 2007, focusing on water quality/quantity and plant/animal species within the area.

To ensure water quality is maintained in the region, Antioquia Gold Inc. takes samples from creeks, rivers and water discharges to a certified lab for analysis on a regular basis and as part of the permitting process prior to the commencement of drilling, allowing for early detection of changes in water quality.

The Company supports responsible management of environmental risks and ensures clean and safe handling of petroleum products, recycling of solid waste at the origin, and responsible management of final disposal.

Antioquia Gold Inc.'s exploration activities are conducted with minimal impact on the environment and community. Exploration activities are centered around minimal impact on the slopes and trails of the natural forest to minimize erosion. Drill rigs are small and man-portable or track mounted requiring trails less than 2 metres in width. Access trails between drill sites and drill pads are constructed with appropriate channels for slope runoff to help retain soils for later reclamation.

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